Alex Allington
Environment Artist

About Alex

Alex has been a professional game developer for 20 years, working with some major game companies and small startups alike. Alex has been an Art Director, Game Designer, Project Manager and a CEO/Founder of an independent game company called FoxySoft.

Alex has combined her skills as an Artist, Game Designer and Manager to produce her own independent game, Venus Rising, which launched an Alpha in 2015.

Alex’s Projects include Star Wars Galaxies and DC Universe Online at Sony Online Entertainment where her role as an art lead and outsource manager was pivotal in increasing profits by expanding the volume of artwork produced with lower cost and less man power allowing more player perks to be sold in game.

As an artist Alex created such games as Michael Crichton’s Timeline, Battleship, Warhammer and dozens of others that showcase environment work, character modeling, cut scene animation, UI design and just about any aspect of game art you can think of.

Not being limited to game art, Alex also has branched out and gained expertise in Architectural Rendering, and Film Grade Fantasy Environment Rendering.

Alex is currently undergoing a major career change from game development to ecological architecture and sustainable community design. Her vast 3d skills will come in handy in this new endeavor and Alex is still always open to freelance 3d art projects.


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